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“The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel”


Chances are you aren't.  An English teacher, that is.  But just on the small chance that you are, or that you're curious what they do, you can connect to Max's English Corner below.  It's a website which has a variety of ideas and materials on how to approach teaching different aspects of the language.  The stories presented here are also available there, but in a slightly different format and with a number of activities and exercises to accompany them.

There are a number of class plans, teaching ideas and options to check out but if you want to go directly to the section containing these stories, go to the top menu bar.  Clicking on the title heading of HST Narratives will get you to a listing of all the available stories.  Click onto the Activities button and all the materials and teaching suggestions will appear for the story you have selected.

English teacher, a reader of anecdotes or simply an interested visitor, if you have any comments or perspectives you'd like to share about this website, I'd like to read them.  Just go to the Contact section and let me know your perspectives.

Thanks for dropping by!

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