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Beginning in 2017, there will be a new story presented at the start of every month (except July & August).  On this page you can access the current and past stories in written and spoken forms as well as print a copy for your personal use.

Every so often a new anecdote might appear with a flag next to it.  This will reflect the language that it is translated into.  While the original version might have a better 'flow' to it, I wanted some of the stories to be available to a wider audience. 






Bienvenido/a.  Me gustaría compartir algunas historias y reflexiones contigo, en tu idioma.  De vez en cuando encontrarás alguna nueva y espero que la encuentres a tu gusto.  Gracias por venir y espero verte otra vez.

Si eres nuevo/a en este sitio, echa un vistazo a Sra. Warrington para comenzar







​Benvingut/da.  M’agradaria compartir algunes històries i reflexions amb tu, en el teu idioma.  De tant en tant, en trobaràs alguna de nova i espero que ho trobis del teu gust.  Gràcies per venir i espero tornar a veure’t.

Si ets nou al lloc, fes un cop d’ull a la Sra. Warrington per començar. 


The Harvey Skidoo Tree
The Harvey Skidoo Tree

This anecdote is about two Canadian boys, almost into their teens.  The story takes place in a town park one winter evening when one boy invites the other to try driving his family’s skidoo for the first time. 


Mrs Warrington   Harvey Skidoo Tree
Mrs Warrington

Mrs Warrington was a person who was more than she appeared and taught more than just math.  Her efforts and values were appreciated by many of her students and continued to influence them throughout their lives.  This is an account describing her as a person and what she did in the class. 


Two Dates  Harvey Skidoo Tree
Two Dates

It’s interesting when one takes steps towards reaching a goal.  Reality steps in and those initial expectations are not immune to the consequences.  Sometimes those hopes and desires change in their value or are transformed into new directions and perspectives.  This is a story in which a young man goes out on two dates with two different people with two different scenarios.  Expectations and reality mix together, showing him a few of the many glimpses of what life has to offer.


Laughing Haircut  Harvey Skidoo Tree
Laughing Haircut

It’s time for a haircut.  But what to do with that unruly hair?  Maybe the best thing is to fork out the extra money and place yourself in the hands of the experts.


Harvey Skidoo Tree A Tooth Story first day smelter Flin Flon Max Neil Maximchuk
A Tooth Story

The first day in a new school or place of work can be unsettling, especially because you're unfamiliar with the people and the routines.  You don't know what to expect and sometimes there can be a surprise or two.  This story takes place in a smelter where a man enters the lunchroom for the first time to wait for his future boss to tell him what his work will be.


Harvey Skidoo Tree smelter first days Flin Flon Max Neil Maximchuk
The Smelter:
First Days & Impressions

Working in heavy industry for the first time makes a big impact.  A young man sees a new world and begins to find his place in it.

Working in heavy industry for the first time makes a big impact.  A young man sees a new world and begins to find his place in it.


Harvey Skidoo Tree Funny Thing Happened Work salesman Max Neil Maximchuk
Funny Thing Happened
On The Way Home
From Work

One summer a man takes a job he wouldn't normally consider.  His experiences while learning to be a door-to-door salesman lead him along an interesting journey and to a very unexpected end.


Two Dates  Harvey Skidoo Tree
A Maid's Helper

A man takes a job as a maid’s helper in a hotel as he tries to get over a recent breakup with his girlfriend. With a little time he comes to terms with what he needs to face.


Harvey Skidoo Tree Switches Flin Flon Max Neil Maximchuk smelter mines

A man takes a job as a maid’s helper in a hotel as he tries to get over a recent breakup with his girlfriend. With a little time he comes to terms with what he needs to face.

A man takes on the challenges of a labour job while working in a copper smelter.


Harvey Skidoo Tree Eating Chocolate smart phones Max Neil Maximchuk
Eating Chocolate

What if everyone in the world loved to eat chocolate?  Everyone but you, that is.  You were the odd one out.  Would you, should you, join the rest?



A young man takes a short vacation on his own for the first time.  He went to see Carnival in Quebec but came across much more than what he originally anticipated.


The Greeks

You can travel to new worlds even in your own country. 
I discovered this by going to university.


Getting Older

There is so much to say, to do, to experience, to resolve.  This is true of any age.  But you look in the mirror and you ask yourself, "How did I arrive here?"

Harvey Skidoo Tree Getting Older Max Neil Maximchuk eye
HST 12-2 The Greeks Harvey Skidoo Tree C
Harvey Skidoo Tree Carnival Quebec Max Neil Maximchuk


Good Morning Prank

A surprise is waiting for a person who had too much to drink the night before.

Harvey Skidoo Tree Getting Older Max Neil Maximchuk eye


Harvey Skidoo Tree Getting Older Max Neil Maximchuk eye
Wart Is It?

A wart occupying a man's finger became a familiar sight for him until one day he decided to do something about it.  Then something mysterious happened.


Harvey Skidoo Tree Getting Older Max Neil Maximchuk eye
Psychic Seminar

This is a gentle story describing an encounter that perhaps many of us have experienced at some time in some form or another.  This one stems from curiosity when a person tries out attending an informal psychic seminar in someone’s home.


Tae Kwon Do Farting

A Tae Kwon Do class became very alive with expression one day when the students were told to push beyond their normal limits.

HST 17 Tae Kwon Do Farting Harvey Skidoo


Punk, Some History, and Me

One person’s look at some aspects of the world of punk and how they related to him.


HST 19 A Punk Concert by Max Neil Maximc
A Punk Concert


What happened one evening when a young man went with some friends to check out a Dead Kennedies concert.


HST 20 Dance.jpg

Taking a contemporary dance course for the first time, a man comes across a number of new experiences.


HST 21 Bully on bus Harvey Skidoo Tree C
Bully on the bus

A man encounters a bully on a city bus and wonders what he could do.


First Kiss

A teenager was concerned about his future first kiss, and when it finally happened, he found it very moving.

HST 22 First Kiss - Harvey Skidoo Tree -


HST 23 The Glove by Max Maximchuk - Harv
The Glove

You think the world will stay the same, that when you enter familiar quarters, it will be the same as the last time.  Then something happens to unsettle that secure foundation.  That is what happened when this young man came home one evening.


HST 24 Pizza Prank.JPG
Pizza Prank

You think you know who your friends are.  But just wait until something turns up to put it to the test.  Like a freshly delivered pizza.




HST 25 Something happened on the way to
HST 26 An Adventure in my Tuxedo by Max
Something Happened on the way to Hank's Wedding
An Adventure in my Tuxedo

A man gets on a bus, thinking that he is off to see his good friend getting married.  He is not prepared for the unwanted surprises waiting to unravel themselves just down the road.

It’s time to write the final exam and if all goes well, you graduate.  One fellow leaves home to write that final final, completely unsuspecting of the series of surprises about to unfold.

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